Here is a little update on the latest happenings in my world:

    Since June the new band around Henrik Freischlader is finally touring and playing shows again. We had the chance to go to Denmark and Norway, and play quite some shows in Germany as well.  It is so meaningful and so much fun to be on the road and play after such a long break.
    We are really looking forward to our “Bring Back The Time 2022” fall tour, where we also will be playing songs from Henrik´s new album “Recorded by Martin Meinschäfer 2“!
    The album will be released on November 11th, and can be pre-ordered now! 
    All you need to do, is click on the album cover!

    For more infos, visit:

    In July I had the huge pleasure of hosting the opening celebration of this year´s edition of the Rudolstadt Festival: 
    For the festival´s 30th anniversary the musical focus was on traditional music from the countries of former Yugoslavia
    For the opening event, we took the audience on a journey around what used to be Yugoslavia, exploring the rich and diverse musical and societal traditions of the area. 
    Additionally, it was lots of fun to be around and enjoy many amazing shows by and spend some time with dear friends… 
    Foto credits: Carsten Stiller, Petar Pušić, Teofilović Brothers

    After a one year break, I finally managed to continue my “Talking Spirits Podcast“. 
    I have already recorded a couple new episodes, the first two have been published as we speak. 
    Due to my very intense touring schedule until the end of the year, I am not able to release new episodes weekly, but they will be coming as soon as I find the time to get them out.
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    Apart from that, there are updates in the “Tourdates“, “Discography” and “Videos” sections of this webpage.
    Click on the links to check them out.
    More good news will follow soon… 

    Hope to see you on tour… Have a nice day,


    Dear reader,
    here is another round of news which I feel like sharing with you: 

    We have happily and finally resumed touring with Henrik Freischlader.
    The new, old line-up with Hardy Fischötter on drums and Moritz “Mr. Mo” Fuhrhop on the hammond organ is on fire, and we really enjoyed the first four shows in Denmark beginning of June.
    From tomorrow on we will continue with 3 shows in northern Germany, followed by two festivals in beautiful Norway, which will be a first to all of us.
    I have now updated the “Tour Dates” section, where you can find infos on all upcoming shows and appearances.
    For latest infos and news from HF-camp, please visit:

    Recently I had the pleasure of talking to Chris Strieder from Darkstars about my path as a bassist, my favorite bassists, the “tools” I love using and many more interesting topics.
    It was a fun and in-depth conversation in German language, which you can check out here:
    Darkstars Interview May 2022

    Also in May, a very special recording session took place at the Maarweg Studio in Cologne, Germany:
    My dear brother, the Albanian pianist Gert Kapo, is working on his debut solo album right now.
    Together with Moroccan percussion maestro Mr. Rhani Krija we layed down the basic tracks for most of the album´s songs within a very lively and uplifted two day recording session.
    It was a such a huge pleasure to work and spend some high quality time with these two excellent musicians and dear friends
    The music of Gert´s album is a very original blend of various musical influences and styles, and will definitely be worth your attention, once it is finished and released! 

    Picture by Mirko Polo

    As we are getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow, I am leaving you today with this beautiful picture from Fredericia, Denmark:

    Check out our tourdates and hopefully see you somewhere on the road soon!

    Dear reader,
    welcome to my first real blog post on this page. Since I have been quite silent since I set up my homepage in January, there are lots of great news which I wish to share with you today:

    Firstly, I am very happy to announce that I am a member of the newly formed band around Henrik Freischlader. After a break of one and a half years, we are hitting the road again in June, and the prospect of travelling and playing music again is a huge pleasure and relief to me. Even more so, since two long time friends and great musicians have joined the new band: Hardy Fischötter on drums and Moritz “Mr. Mo” Fuhrhop on the hammond organ.
    For tourdates and more great news from Henrik, please visit:

    There is a new collaboration which I am very pleased to announce:
    The Italian master luthier Roberto Francheschini has built a wonderful double bass for me, which you can see in the picture above. It is the first double bass of my life and it has been a long time coming. It really feels and sounds amazing and after 30 years of being a bassist, experimenting and learning how to master this beautiful instrument is a great challenge, which I am already enjoying a lot.
    For more informations on Roberto´s work and the beautiful instruments he is building, please visit:

    Recently I got invited to participate in a very interesting project by Germany based, Spanish musician and coach Maria Busqué:
    In “30 musikalische Leben”, Maria is introducing 30 very different musicians and exploring their lifes in music throughout the month of May. It was a huge pleasure to contribute my perspectives on my life as a musician.
    If you are a German speaker, you can join the project for free at:

    As things are getting more and more busy here these days, there will be many more news to be shared soon, and I am planning on posting updates more frequently from now on.
    For now I am leaving you with a beautiful picture I took recently in Tolmin, Slovenia:

    Thanks a lot for your attention, take care and hopefully see you somewhere on the road soon!

    Dear visitor,
    welcome to my all new webpage.
    After close to 30 years of playing bass, and thinking about creating a website for myself forever, I finally made it. One of the few advantages of the Covid-19 situation is that there is time and space for things we never get to do when on the road so much.
    However, nice to have you here. 
    On this blog I will be posting future updates and things I happen to write occasionally. 
    On the other pages you can find lots of infos, listen to music, watch videos and find out a thing or two about me and the lovely people I am connected with.
    While we are at it, I want to say a huge thank you to the amazing photographer Anna Schwartz for the great pictures she did with me recently in order to get this webpage up and going.
    If you happen to have any questions, ideas or if you wish to discuss a future cooperation,  do not hesitate to send a message.
    Thanks a lot and happy new year to y´all!!!
    Armin Alic 

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