Need bass for your recording? I can help...

A lot of the work these days is happening in my home studio, where I am able to record bass tracks in pristine quality and suited for productions on any level.
I have always enjoyed recording very much and it is a huge pleasure to continue exploring, always with the goal of making things better.
As I understand the bass as the “glue” in music, I always enjoy trying to find the right sound and authentic approach for every musical context, contribute to making the music groove and helping the artist to convey the message she oder he does want to convey.
 Music and playing bass is a very emotional matter to me, so my perspective on it is to of course play the “right” notes, but as well convey and amplify the feeling and vision behind any piece of music I play on.
The bass parts for many of the recordings you can find on the “Discography” page have been recorded in my studio and I am always very open to participating in new recording projects.
Over the years I have been very happy to gather a fine selection of instruments and further equipment, which allows me to be flexible and have fun making music.
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If you need bass tracks for your song or album, feel free to send a mail to:
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