Dear reader,
welcome to my first real blog post on this page. Since I have been quite silent since I set up my homepage in January, there are lots of great news which I wish to share with you today:

Firstly, I am very happy to announce that I am a member of the newly formed band around Henrik Freischlader. After a break of one and a half years, we are hitting the road again in June, and the prospect of travelling and playing music again is a huge pleasure and relief to me. Even more so, since two long time friends and great musicians have joined the new band: Hardy Fischötter on drums and Moritz “Mr. Mo” Fuhrhop on the hammond organ.
For tourdates and more great news from Henrik, please visit:

There is a new collaboration which I am very pleased to announce:
The Italian master luthier Roberto Francheschini has built a wonderful double bass for me, which you can see in the picture above. It is the first double bass of my life and it has been a long time coming. It really feels and sounds amazing and after 30 years of being a bassist, experimenting and learning how to master this beautiful instrument is a great challenge, which I am already enjoying a lot.
For more informations on Roberto´s work and the beautiful instruments he is building, please visit:

Recently I got invited to participate in a very interesting project by Germany based, Spanish musician and coach Maria Busqué:
In “30 musikalische Leben”, Maria is introducing 30 very different musicians and exploring their lifes in music throughout the month of May. It was a huge pleasure to contribute my perspectives on my life as a musician.
If you are a German speaker, you can join the project for free at:

As things are getting more and more busy here these days, there will be many more news to be shared soon, and I am planning on posting updates more frequently from now on.
For now I am leaving you with a beautiful picture I took recently in Tolmin, Slovenia:

Thanks a lot for your attention, take care and hopefully see you somewhere on the road soon!

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