Dear visitor,
welcome to my all new webpage.
After close to 30 years of playing bass, and thinking about creating a website for myself forever, I finally made it. One of the few advantages of the Covid-19 situation is that there is time and space for things we never get to do when on the road so much.
However, nice to have you here. 
On this blog I will be posting future updates and things I happen to write occasionally. 
On the other pages you can find lots of infos, listen to music, watch videos and find out a thing or two about me and the lovely people I am connected with.
While we are at it, I want to say a huge thank you to the amazing photographer Anna Schwartz for the great pictures she did with me recently in order to get this webpage up and going.
If you happen to have any questions, ideas or if you wish to discuss a future cooperation,  do not hesitate to send a message.
Thanks a lot and happy new year to y´all!!!
Armin Alic 

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