Rheingold Music Sessions – Srpsko Kolo

Armin Alic & Dragan Burmazovic

Very spontaneous live session with my Royal Street Orchestra brother Dragan Burmazovic, recorded live at the Rheingold Music HQ in Duisburg, Germany, in November of 2021.
“Srpsko Kolo” is a “circle dance” song from Serbia, written by master accordionist Bojan Jovanovic. On the balkans there are countless of those “circle dance” pieces, and they are basically created for people to dance to. If there is any live bass on the original recordings, it´s mostly played with a pick, allowing the player to play really short and accentuated notes, which is what makes it groove, if done well. Also, the harmonies in this type of mostly short songs are often pretty intricate with lots of movement to memorise, and the melodies are very virtuos.
Since I am not that much of a pick player, all I could try is to mimic it with the palm mute technique, which is far more natural to me. Although Dragan and myself are playing music together in the RSO since 2009, this was the first time that we actually played in a duo setting.

Equipment used: K.Bass custom precision bass – Rheingold Music B100 – 1 x 12 cab – 1 x 10 cab – Rheingold cables
The audio has been recorded with two Neumann microphones from a distance of around 2.5m to reproduce the sound in the most natural way possible. That is also why we chose not to use any close miking or the amp’s DI output.
Video and audio recording: Ralf Gauck

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