Söhne Mannheims – IZ ON – official video clip

from the album "IZ ON"

In 2009 I did something which I never did before, and also never did since:
I applied for a music casting. The reason for me doing so was that it was the back then very popular, multi-cultural German soul act Söhne Mannheims, who were looking for young musicians who could be pendants for the original band members.
Since I was a huge fan of the band and had been dreaming of making music with them some time, of course I had to apply. To make a very long story short: after an extended, 7 days long audition process I was invited to be the pendant for the band´s original bassist Robbee Mariano, who unfortunately left us in 2018.
The results were, among many other things, the pendants playing the main roles in the Söhne Mannheims video clip “IZ ON”, which was the first single of the band´s third album, which was also titled “IZ ON”.
Also the pendant-band played an opening slot at the Söhne Mannheims show at the prestigious “Waldbühne” in Berlin, Germany, playing songs, which the original band would not be playing that night.
It was quite an experience to say the least, and I made some dear friends while it all happened.
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