Rheingold Music Sessions – Stani, stani Ibar vodo

Armin Alic & Dragan Burmazovic

The second video from the very spontaneous session with my Royal Street Orchestra brother Dragan Burmazovic, recorded live at the Rheingold Music HQ in Duisburg, Germany, in November of 2021.
“Stani, stani Ibar vodo” is a beautiful Serbian traditional ballad, written by Dragiša Nedović. It refers to the Ibar river, which flows from the Kosovo to the town of Kraljevo, where it is joining the river Morava. Basically the river is being asked to stop flowing. As I have always loved the song and its beautiful melody, and had never played it before, it felt like it would be a great pick to be played in a duo setting. I like this version very much and I hope you can enjoy it as well…

Equipment used: K.Bass custom precision bass – Rheingold Music B100 – 1 x 12 cab – 1 x 10 cab – Rheingold cables
The audio has been recorded with two Neumann microphones from a distance of around 2.5m to reproduce the sound in the most natural way possible. That is also why we chose not to use any close miking or the amp’s DI output.
Video and audio recording: Ralf Gauck

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