Nuclear Blast
Producer: Victor Smolski
Number of discs: 2
When the news dropped that Victor Smolski left the legendary German metal band Rage in the end of 2014, I was very surprised and delighted to get the call to join his newly founded band Almanac. I had played on Victor´s solo album “Majesty & Passion” back in 2003, so there was some history, but still it was surprising…
The band´s debut album, “Tsar”, is an amazing Symphonic Metal album, recorded with an international line-up of top notch musicians. For me it was an intense and challenging musical experience.
In the beginning of 2017, after a successful world release of the album and a few tours and many festivals all around Europe, I decided to leave the band in order to become a full-time member of the Henrik Freischlader Band. The album is definitely a real gem for anybody who is into Symphonic Metal.
Bass was recorded at Heyday Studio, Wuppertal, Germany by Andreas Herr and Nikolaos Rondelis.
The album was recorded in many studios around the world, and mixed by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann in his Greenman Studios in Arnsberg, Germany
.Almanac website

Line-Up: Andy B. Franck – vocals – David Readman – vocals – Jeannette Marchewka – vocals –  Victor Smolski – guitars – Armin Alic – bass – Michael Kolar – drums – Enric Garcia – keys – feat. Orquesta  Barcelona Filharmonia from Barcelona, Spain

Equipment used:
Maruszczyk Instruments Elwood 5-strings bass – Ramsay Musical Instruments Hummingbird custom fretless bass – ENGL E1055 Ironbass amp + cabs – Rheingold Music cables – Elixir Strings – SSL console

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