Missing Pieces

Henrik Freischlader Band

Henrik Freischlader Band
Cable Car Records
Producer: Henrik Freischlader
Number of discs: 1
The latest studio album of the Henrik Freischlader Band.
While our long tours within the band´s existence, we always used to jam a lot during the soundchecks. so after some time we had a huge collection of little ideas, grooves and musical motives.
In early 2020, we chose 12 of them and took them as starting points for the creation of this album. “Missing Pieces” was written and recorded live in Martin Meinschäfer´s “Megaphon-Tonstudios” in Arnsberg, Germany, during just a couple of days.
Great album, like it a lot!
Henrik Freischlader website

Line-Up: Henrik Freischlader – guitars, vocals – Moritz Meinschäfer – drums – Armin Alic – bass – Roman Babik – organ, rhodes – Marco Zügner – saxophone

Equipment used:
 K.Bass – custom precision bass – Rheingold Music – B100 plus 2 x 12 cabs – cables – Elixir Strings – 050 – 105 nickel – Various vintage microphones in front of cabs   – Summit Audio TD 100 DI

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