David Readman

David Readman
David Readman
Producer: David Readman
Number of discs: 1
In 2017 I had the pleasure of becoming friends with one of a kind British hard rock / metal vocalist David Readman, as we both were members of the original line-up of Victor Smolski´s band Almanac.
Our tenure with Almanac ended after a rather short time, but we remained friends.
So it was a huge pleasure to me to contribute to David´s new solo album “Medusa” in 2021. I played on the album´s final song, “King who lost his throne”.
To make things even more fun, original Almanac-drummer Michael Kolar took care of the drums, and my buddy from the old days in Forces At Work and Thoughtsphere, Adrian Weiss, recorded quite some of the guitars.
If you are into melodic and modern hard rock & metal, you will love this album.
Find all the infos at:

David Readman´s webpage

Line-Up: David Readman – vocals – Adrian Weiss – guitars – Walter Monsanto – guitars – Armin Alic – bass – Michael Kolar – drums

Equipment used:
K.Bass custom precision bass – Rheingold music B100 amplifier – Rheingold 2 x 12 cabs – Rheingold Music cables – Elixir Strings 050 – 105 nickel

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