Lovin´it the hard way

Studio 84

Studio 84
Contra Promotion
Producer: Björn Krüger
Number of discs: 1
STUDIO 84 was the only “cover” band I was ever a member of, basically because no matter what you´d play with this particular line-up of musicians, it would be a great fun making music and also an amazing and funny hang! And also, since I was born in 1980, I of course grew up with the music of the 80s, so it was real fun to go back in time on one hand, but on the other hand also play the music in a “up to date” way, and above all rocking really hard.
I was very surprised and delighted when in 2007 master drummer and my dear friend Björn Krüger told me about this new project he was working on and invited me to join. Since I was a teenager, I had been looking up to Björn and had been a fan of the music he was making with his bands Kind Tot and Uncle Ho, and many others, for instance the French Death Metal band “Massacra”, for years.
So I had always been dreaming of making music with him some time in the future. In 2007 I was already a part of the crew of musicians around Björn, and Björn and myself had met a couple times but never did anything together. So it came very much as a surprise to me and obviously I said yes right on the spot. 
The album “Loving it a hard way” was an EP with a few songs we had recorded, mainly for promotion purposes, so it is not available anymore nowadays, but you can listen to “When the rain begins to fall” in the video below.
The band existed from 2007 until I think 2015, and we played many, many live shows around Germany and had a really great time. We are still friends and cooperating in many different projects and contexts.

Line-Up: Marc Schäfers – vocals – Corinna Schur – vocals – Thorsten Sala – guitar – Armin Alic – bass – Björn Krüger – drums 

Equipment used: 
Maruszczyk Instruments  Elwood L5 custom bass – directly into interface

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