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Royal Street Orchestra

Royal Street Orchestra
Royal Street Records
Producer: Royal Street Orchestra
Number of discs: 1
The second Royal Street Orchestra album was recorded at a very intimate club show in our hometown of Wuppertal, Germany, in December of 2014.
Thinking about how we should continue our journey after the “Visible at given temperature” debut album experiment, Henrik Freischlader suggested to record a secret live show in a little club, where people would be allowed to have a great party including drinking and smoking, and basically just being free to be as they desire in that given moment.
Henrik´s thought, that this would be the best way to capture the essence of the band, was natural and made lots of sense, so that is what we did.
The result is a genuine live album which pictures the band exactly as it was in 2014… I still like it a lot
Recorded live at Utopiastadt, Wuppertal, Germany by Martin Meinschäfer – mixed by Martin Meinschäfer at Megaphon Tonstudios, Arnsberg Germany – Mastered by Siopis Mastering, Thessaloniki, Greece
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Line-Up: Christopher Huber – violin – Cornelius Thiem – cello – Dragan Burmazovic – accordion – Nikolaos Rondelis – oud, bouzouki – Christopher Esch – guitar – Dennis Soldin – guitar – Armin Alic – bass – Max Klaas – percussion – Christian Mohrhenn – drums

Equipment used:
Maruszczyk Elwood L5 custom bass – Ramsay Musical Instruments Hummingbird custom fretless bass – Rheingold Music cables – Elixir Strings – RMI Basswitch IQ DI – couple of FX pedals

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