Live 2019

Henrik Freischlader Band

Henrik Freischlader Band
Cable Car Records
Producer: Henrik Freischlader
Number of discs: 2
1.Henrik Freischlader Band - I Don't Work - Live 2019
This live album of the Henrik Freischlader Band was recorded and mixed by our live sound engineer Jan Flerlage at a single live show at Live Proberaum Zülpich, Germany in the spring of 2019.
Actually we just wanted to shoot some new live videos, but eventually decided to publish the whole show as it happened as a live album.
You can watch the videos of the whole show at the Cable Car Records Youtube channel and of course buy the album as a cd, lp or digital download at the links below.

Line-Up: Henrik Freischlader – guitar, vocals – Moritz Meinschäfer – drums – Armin Alic – bass – Roman Babik – organ, rhodes – Marco Zügner – saxophone

Equipment used:
K.Bass custom precision bass – Rheingold music B100 amplifier – Rheingold 2 x 12 cabs – Rheingold Music cables – RMI Basswitch IQ DI – Elixir Strings 050 – 105 nickel


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