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Henrik Freischlader Band

Henrik Freischlader Band
Cable Car Records
Producer: Henrik Freischlader
Number of discs: 1
The first studio album of the quintet line-up of the HFB, which existed between early 2018 and mid 2021. Recorded live at Martin Meinschäfer´s Megaphon Studios in Arnsberg, Germany in the spring of 2018.
It was lots of fun and I still like this album very much!
Henrik Freischlader webpage

Line-Up: Henrik Freischlader – guitar, vocals – Moritz Meinschäfer – drums – Armin Alic – bass – Roman Babik – organ, rhodes – Marco Zügner – saxophone

Equipment used:
Flexx “Peter” precision bass – Rheingold Music B100 amplifier – Rheingold Music 2 x 12 cabs – various vintage microphones in front of cabs – Rheingold Music cables – Elixir strings 045 – 105 nickel – Summit Audio TD 100 tube DI

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