Femme Fractale – an opera of reflection

Mem Nahadr

Mem Nahadr
Madwoman Multimedia
Producer: Mem Nahadr & James P. Nichols
Number of discs: 1
When Dean Bowman introduced me to internationally acclaimed American performance artist and master vocalist Mem Nahadr somwhere around 2007, I was really in awe of M´s singing, music, art and overall expression. It did not take that long until I happened to be in the lucky situation of being gifted with a new and highly valuable friendship in life, and being in charge of the bass on M´s live performances in Europe.
Additionally to this, M and I started exchanging recording ideas, and I recall recording experimenting and recording bass to many song ideas she was working on in 2013. Some of those ideas became the “Femme Fractale” album, and I am playing bass on the title “Grey Aria”. 
The friendship and musical cooperation is.still ongoing as I am writing this, and there will definitely be more things to come in the future. 
If you want to have your mind and heart blown and enter new realms of perception, visit
Mem Nahadr´s website

Equipment used on the “Grey Aria”:
Kala Ubass california fretless – Rheingold Music cables – Basswitch IQ DI

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