Crne Oči

Royal Street Orchestra feat. Bozo Vrećo

Royal Street Orchestra feat. Bozo Vrećo
Royal Street Records
Producer: Royal Street Orchestra
Royal Street Orchestra has always been a band making instrumental music. It is very rare that we happen to meet a vocalist who we feel is a great fit to the band´s energy and family vibe.
In 2014 when we were preparing the second album, “Live at Utopiastadt”, this happened when we met Bosnian Sevdah shooting star Bozo Vrećo. Long story short, Bozo agreed to cooperate and join us in Wuppertal at the recording of the album.
The result is a very special song, Crne Oči. Due to Bozo´s popularity on the Balkans and far beyond, this song has become a hit and is still loved by both Bozo´s and RSO´s fans. In 2014, when we were writing and performing together, we certainly knew that we had created something very special, but I don´t think that anybody expected it to blow up as it did.
Bozo Vreco website

Line-Up:Bozo Vrećo  – vocals – Christopher Huber – violin – Dragan Burmazovic – accordion – Nikolaos Rondelis -oud, bouzouki – Christopher Esch – guitar – Dennis Soldin – guitar – Armin Alic – bass – Max Klaas – percussion – Christian Mohrhenn – drums

Equipment used:
Ramsay Musical Instruments Hummingbird custom fretless bass – Rheingold Music cables – RMi Basswitch IQ DI

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