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Martin C. Herberg & 20th Century People

Martin C. Herberg & The 2ßth Century People
Lonesome Looser Records
Producer: Andreas Herr & Martin C. Herberg
Number of discs: 2
This album by German guitarist Martin C. Herberg was recorded in 2010 in Andreas Herr´s Heyday Studio in Wuppertal, Germany and involves a cast of many musicians and dear friends. I recall that Martin, Björn Krüger on drums and myself started with demoing tunes live, based on old solo recordings and sketches of songs Martin had collected over the years.
Some of those demos we did made it on the second cd, and for the actual album we took the demos and refined them into the actual production, adding lots of musicians and various layers. It is a very interesting and diverse album, lots of fun to record and also very enjoyable to listen to. 
In the video below you can listen to the song “Reggae on my mind”, which I particularly like. 
I am credited on 4 songs, and also I think this album was the first album I played on which got published as a beautiful double vinyl version.
Martin C. Herberg webpage

Equipment used:
Maruszczyk basses – straight into SSL console

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