Armin Alic plays Keziah Jones – All praises

from the "Armin Alic plays" tribute series

Every now and then, when I have the time and feel like it, I like to do videos trying to play songs I love from artists I admire.
I do it simply because it´s fun to play a song I have listened to a million times, and because I wanna pay tribute to the artist and the original bassist. And because it´s really interesting to try and look at it from the original bassist´s perspective.
As I am a huge Keziah Jones fan for more than 20 years now, this one is particularly close to my heart. Although it´s very hard to say, I think “Black Orpheus” is my fave album by Keziah and bassist Otto Williams is really killin´it all along.
There are a couple more of those on my Youtube channel, and I think some more will be added in the future.

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