XII – ein vollendeter Zyklus

Meike Rath

Meike Rath
Producer: Meike Rath / Armin Alic
Number of discs: 1
A very special solo album by excellent German harpist and sound therapist Meike Rath, which was recorded during a series of live freely improvised live shows in 2011.
Contributing to this album was a huge pleasure to me, since Meike is a dear friend, and I was not playing bass on it, but shared production duties with Meike, listening through hours and hours of beautiful music and helping to choose the right takes and compose the album in a way which was appropriate for the concept and idea Meike was going for. 
To find out more about Meike´s work and the album itself, feel free to visit the
Meike Rath website

Used equipment:
A set of open ears and an open heart

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