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Royal Street Orchestra

Royal Street Orchestra
Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics - Royal Street Records digital reissue
Producer: Gordon Friedrich & Wolfgang Gottlieb
Number of discs: 1
The Royal Street Orchestra debut album story is very peculiar: after a very intense period of working on songs for about 1,5 years, I started to look for a label we could cooperate with.
Given that we were huge fans of the German band “Mardi Gras BB” I decided to contact “Hazelwood Vinyl Productions” in Frankfurt, Germany, who had produced and relased all albums of Mardi Gras BB.
After an initial meeting we decided that we would work together, and basically there were two options: Record our songs as we had created them, or being open to the experiment of having Gordon Friedrich, Hazelwood boss and producer, take our ideas and with us together create something completely new. We opted for version 2, and off it went… 
The result is an album which did not have much to do with our initial vision, but which is very unique and original, and where the band almost broke up, but also had the chance to learn lots about how to use our possibilities properly. After this experience, we decided that we would from there on produce our albums by ourselves and we are still here nowadays.
The album was released in 2012, got lots of press acclaim and the first physical edition sold out very quickly. The cd is not available any more as Hazelwood unfortunately went into bankruptcy shortly after the release. We were able to publish a digital re-release via our own “Royal Street Records”, and there still is the idea of releasing a LP-version with a new mix and bonus tracks… However, I still like the result, and eventually it opened us up for the things we set out to do later… 

Recorded at the legendary Hazelwood studio in Frankfurt, Germany in 2011 by Chris Denoiser. Produced by Gordon Friedrich aka Two Horses and Wolfgang Gottlieb aka Kaneoka Ona. Mixed and mastered by Wolfgang Gottlieb.

Line-Up: Christopher Huber – violin – Cornelius Thiem – cello – Dragan Burmazovic – accordion – Nikolaos Rondelis – oud, bouzouki – Christopher Esch – guitar – Dennis Soldin – guitar – Armin Alic – bass – Max Klaas – percussion – Christian Mohrhenn – drums – special guest: DJ MAHMUT from Mardi Gras BB on samples and turntables

Equipment used:
Kala Ubass – Maruszczyk basses and amplification

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