Simon Binkenborn

Simon Binkenborn
Supersonix Production
Producer: Simon Binkenborn
Number of discs: 1
Debut album of German singer / songwriter Simon Binkenborn
Some time in the summer of 2002, I met the Wuppertal based drummer Christian Mohrhenn on the street, and we started chatting. Back then, we knew of each other, but never had played together. Chris told me about a production he was involved in at the time, and asked me if I could imagine coming in and recording two songs for the album, since the original bass player was not able to make it.
I instantly agreed, since I was really eager to do things, and especially so because Chris told me that it was Simon´s album they were doing. I had met Simon in 2000 and asked him if he could imagine joining my then band Rotario as a pianist, which he refused, telling me that he was planning on doing his own thing.
Couple days later I went to the studio and recorded bass for the 2 songs, and since the vibe was great, I ended up becoming the band´s bassist. The album got released, we played some local shows and as it often goes in the beginning stages of a situation, things happened and the project ceased to exist. 
It was a real fun situation, which had quite some importance for my life as it started many friendships which last to this day, and it resulted in many new projects and cooperations. Simon and I also continued to work together and are still doing so… 
Below you can see a video of a show from 2008, at the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam, where I stepped in on a very short notice to play with Simon´s back then Amstedam-based band.  

Equipment used:
Music Man Sting Ray 5 bass – straight into the console

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