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Jeanne Dark Records
Producer: Andreas Herr & Noah Sow
Number of discs: 2
Noiseaux was the music project of German activist, vocalist, composer and radio host Noah Sow.
Noah and I met in 2005, when Theofilos Fotiadis invited me to share the bass position in Noah´s legendary live karaoke show “Punk Karaoke” with him. As the line-ups for Punk Karaoke and Noiseaux were almost identical, and Noah was working on her first album “Out Now” while we were touring with the Punk Karaoke show, I happily accepted her and the band´s invitation to play bass on one song of the album, which happened to be “Nothing stays the same” / “Immer wieder”, which also was the first single released off the album. 
Many different factors are making this album quite unique within the context of the German rock scene around that time, among others it was the first album worldwide which was published simultaneously in German and English, and I feel that Noah´s lyrics and the music are still very much up to date, after all these years. 
Given the fact that the “Punk Karaoke” project were my first engagements as a professional bassist, and this album is a family affair, I still like it very much and it has a special meaning for me. Recording happened in Andreas Herr´s “Heyday Studio” in Wuppertal and I recall that I played the song once and that´s what ended up on the album.
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Line-Up on “Nothing stays the same” / “Immer wieder”: Noah Sow – vocals – Jan Rimkeit – guitar – Torsten Beckmann – guitar – Armin Alic – bass – Markus Schillings – drums 

Equipment used:
Maruszczyk Instruments Elwood 5 bass – straight into SSL console – I think the distortion was created with a  Pro Co “RAT 2” guitar distortion pedal, but I am not sure… 

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