Die Grauen Herren

Die Grauen Herren
not released
Producer: Alexander Sobocinski
Number of discs: 1
Every musician has a couple albums which somehow never get released. So do I, and this is one of them. I think it is safe to say that, of all metal albums I played on this is my absolute fave one. 
Somewhere in 2008 my buddy Alexander “Sobo” Sobocinski, who is a metalhead and excellent jazz guitarist, called me up and told me that he was about to leave his then metal band Jack Slater, and was planning on doing a new death metal album together with immensely talented drummer Dave Apple. He extended the invitation to me to join them for the recording, but I initially refused since I was not really interested in playing any metal music at that time. At some point I gave in and agreed to listen to the demos Sobo and Dave had done.
When I did so, I liked the music so much that I initially agreed to record the bass parts, being also very delighted by the idea that I would be free to play on it whatever I want. When they had finished drums and rhythm guitars recordings, I went at it in my back then homestudio, and I remember that I really enjoyed it, and that it took some time to finish, due to the music being really challenging to come up with ideas and then execute them properly.
The mix was done by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann, who also recorded drums and guitars, somewhere in mid of 2009, and my dear friend Tim Buktu, who is sadly not with us anymore, did the mastering with me together in November of 2009. 
Somehow and for various reasons we never got it really released… The band played one show at a German metal festival in 2010, sadly without original drummer Dave Apple, and after this nothing else happened, unfortunately.
We have been discussing at least releasing it online, since it´s really an amazing, very music, groovy and interesting death metal album, also including a great sense of humour, which is not necessarily given in this particular genre of metal music. 

Sobo – guitars & composition – David – drums / composition – Armin Alic – bass – Philkerl – vox – Jojo – vox

Equipment used:
Maruszczyk Instruments Elwood L custom bass – straight into my back then audio interface

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