Forces @ Work

Forces @ Work
Forces at Work demo release
Producer: Forces at Work
Number of discs: 1
The second demo of Forces @ Work, a progressive metal band which I founded around 2000. 
While making music with the band was lots of fun in the beginning, since we were experimenting a lot, there was lots of talent in the room, and we were able to explore things none of us had ever done before, with time it became a rather stressful situation for me. There was lots of pressure and bad vibes in the end, it just was not an enjoyable situation anymore for me, so I left the band in the beginning of 2005.
Shortly after this I started working as a bassist full-time.
Forces at Work existed for about 10 more years, releasing another EP and a full length album with interesting music, but unfortunately made no big moves no more. 

Line-Up: Sabir Salkic – drums – Armin Alic – bass – Mischa Blum – guitar – Adrian Weiss – guitar – Andreas Lohse – vocals

Equipment used: 
Music Man Stingray 5 bass – straight into Adrian Weiss´recording device

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