FF 432 – The Celestial Resonance (Opus 3)

Mem Nahadr

Mem Nahadr
Madwoman Multimedia
Producer: Mem Nahadr & James P. Nichols
Number of discs: 1
This album by one of a kind American soul free jazz / soul vocalist Mem Nahadr is a “remix” of her 2015 album “Femme Fractale – an opera of reflection”, which has been re-tuned from 440 to 432 Hz and supplemented with some musical add-ons, which complete the experience.
I am playing on the tune “Grey Aria” and you can find more infos if you click on the cover of the “Femme Fractale” album.
Mem Nahadr website

Equipment used:
Kala Ubass California Fretless – Rheingold Music cables – RMI Basswitch IQ DI

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