Thought Sphere

Thought Sphere
B. Mind Records
Producer: Thought Sphere
Number of discs: 1

The fourth and final studio album of German progressive metal band Thought Sphere.

In 1999 I happened to be at a show of the band, when they told me that the original bassist David Ludwig was leaving Germany and they had problems finding a replacement. So I decided to offer my services to them. It was on very short notice, since they had shows lined up very soon, and I was fond of the band “Lost Century”, which singer Andreas Lohse and guitarist Jens Schäfer used to play in before ThoughtSphere.

Additionally, I felt like I could pull it off, and I was really eager to take the challenge, since the musicianship was on another level then the things I had done before. So we did a rehearsal, which worked out fine and I played some shows with the band in 1999.

In 2000 I had other plans, so I decided to not continue, and suggested another bass player who could take over. When, after album No. 3, that said bass player was fired, the guys asked me if I could come in and record the bass for album No. 4. I gladly accepted, since the prospect of going into a real studio and playing bass for a whole album was really exciting. I remember meeting up with guitarist Adrian Weiss and recording bass to demos the band had already done, to check out the songs. 

The actual recording sessions for the album happened in the summer of 2001 in Rudi Kronenberger´s “Crownhill” studio in Düsseldorf, Germany and were finished after two days. After the album was released I continued to play shows with the band, while Adrian Weiss and myself were already working on music for our new band Forces @ Work, which eventually would be also joined by vocalist Andreas Lohse, after Thought Sphere had called it quits.

This band and album have a  significant meaning for me, since it was the first time that I took the challenge of jumping into a situation on short notice and realizing how much fun it is and also that I was able to pull it off.

In the video below you can listen to the song “In fate´s web”, which is I think my fave song off the album.

Line-Up: Andreas Lohse – vocals – Jens Schäfer – guitar – Adrian Weiss – guitar – Armin Alic – bass – Andreas Lösche – drums

Equipment used: Music Man Stingray 5 bass – Ampeg SVT3Pro amp – Crate cabs

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