Bethesda Baby!


not released
Producer: Flippertrio
Number of discs: 1

The “Flippertrio” was a band which existed between 2003 and 2009, and was consisting of Philip Mancarella on piano, rhodes, organ and various synths, Christian Mohrenn on drums, and myself on bass. We spent lots of time together, and created and played lots of music together as well, always enjoying it a lot.
In January 2008, after years of preparation, we recorded the album “Bethesda Baby” in Reinhard Finke´s “Valve Records” studio in Solingen, Germany. The session was done live within a couple days, and what was really challenging and funny about it, was Chris and myself being situated one floor above Philip for acoustic purposes. So we could see Philip on a huge cinema screen, while he had a very little tv monitor beside his grand piano. 
It is a great and really original piano trio album, which never got released… After mix and mastering were completed and to our liking, we got so occupied with many little other details, such as story line, cover artwork and so on, that we just did not make it… 
The song you can listen to, “Tango Absoluticum”, is one of the first compositions by Philip, and my fave tune from the album as I remember it… 
We are working on a digital release as I am writing this… 

Used equipment:
Maruszczyk Instruments Elwood 5 jazz bass – Maruszczyk Barabass amplification – Maruszczyk cables – some stompboxes

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