Back to zero

Hanno Busch

Hanno Busch
Frutex Tracks
Producer: Hanno Busch
Number of discs: 1
This 7″ single is meaningful to me for various reasons: after having been a fan of Hanno Busch´s music for quite some time, it marks the first time that we really were able to play and record music together, and it is also the first 7″ vinyl edition I am featured on. 
While the title track “Back to zero” is produced and played by Hanno all on his own, the B-side contains a song titled “Unity”. “Unity” was composed and recorded by Hanno, drummer Hendrik Lensing and myself on May 29th of 2019, in Hanno´s “Roughroom” studio in Colgone, Germany.
Everything happened very quickly and spontaneously and I am very happy that Hanno decided to share it the world. 

Equipment used:
K.Bass custom precision bass – Rheingold Music DI1 – Elixir Strings 050 – 105 Nickel

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