Rebattered GbR
Producer: Stefan Weber
Number of discs: 1
Some time in I think 2011 my friend, guitarist Stefan Weber told me that he was doing new recordings with his metal band “Rebattered”  and asked me if I could imagine taking care of the bass, since the band did not have a permanent bassist at the time. I gladly accepted, since we have been (and still are) friends for a long time and I knew the band right from the time they started a couple years before.
When he sent me the songs, I was really surprised by the amazing progress the band had achieved compared to what I remembered. So I remember that I really enjoyed recording the bass in my back then home studio, and even now, 10 years later, I really like the music and also my delivery and the sound of it all…
My friend and first mentor on bass, Karsten “Kasi” Heyn, joined the band permanently, shortly after the recordings were done. 
Recorded and mixed by Andreas Herr in his “Heyday Studio” in Wuppertal, Germany.

Recording Line-Up: Sven Weidemann – vocals – Stefan Weber – guitars – Armin Alic – bass – Jan Hinzmann – drums

Equipment used:
Maruszczyk Instruments Elwood L5 custom – Rheingold Music cables – Elixir strings – straight into my back then audio interface

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